Yes Another 2015 Year In Review

2015 In Review

All of the 2015 year in review posts have started trickling out as this year is coming to an end.  I enjoy reading these, so here is my 2015.


September was my one year anniversary at Rainmaker Digital working on the Rainmaker Platform where I get to work with great people plus the opportunity to learn new things all the time.

Outside of Work

I began exploring a new framework (Laravel) and made an attempt to learn a new language (Ruby).  This exposure outside of the WordPress world has actually changed my coding strategy.

The New House

In March we moved into an awesome new house.  We had previously lived in a townhouse where the space quickly became smaller after our son was born.  Although the new house keeps us very busy, it is well worth it.  We have a great neighborhood with a ton of kids for our son to play with.

While in transition between selling and buying a house, my family and I were living at my wife’s parents’ house.  My office was a tiny desk in our bedroom with barely enough room to move my arms.  I could literally roll out of bed and into my computer chair.  With the new house came a new office that is slowly coming together with sports memorabilia.


Running is an important part of my life. I haven’t been able to run as much as I wanted with the chaos of moving out of our townhouse and into a new house over the course of six months. Our new neighborhood has provided some great running routes and I was able to increased my mileage by quite a bit.

This fall I ran my sixth marathon.  Even after a great spring and summer of training, my time was not the best.  This year was also the first time, in multiple instances, that I was unable to run a race I signed up for.  This is something I absolutely hate doing, but I couldn’t help it.

Goals for 2016

I would really like to blog more this year.  Writing has always been a struggle for me.  I get into a cycle of writing, review, and erase.  I need to break out of that and just write.

code quality
As a developer, I want my skills to grow.  I began exploring unit testing, which is a great tool and enforces better coding practices.  Providing more unit tests is a great goal, but I need to manage my time better, stop rushing myself, and actually provide the unit tests.

I feel like my communication skills stink.  This becomes apparent to me when I am around people who are good at conveying their opinion to others.  I want to change my quick “knee-jerk” reaction to a well thought out response.

I’d like to reduce my marathon time, so with that I need to be doing more speed work. I have only ever ran one 5K race, so I’d like to run a few those in the spring to speed up my pace.

Here’s to 2016.

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