My New Addiction With WordPress

My new addiction with WordPress

Over the past week I have been helping others with WordPress.  To be more specific, I have been helping others with their Genesis website.  Since my switch to Genesis, I have become fond of the Genesis framework and the community surrounding it.  The StudioPress community forums have provided me with a way to give back.

Becoming involved

It began during my daily Twitter #genesiswp scan, I came across a tweet by Susan Ramsey.

Her link was directed to the Topics with No Replies; A collection of threads yet to be answered.  I began to test the waters by offering my knowledge and wisdom on a few threads.  it did not take long to receive my first Thank you.

I was hooked.

Being productive while counter productive

I now check the Studio Press Support forums in between breaks and lunch during my work day.  This constructive break is enough to distract my thoughts and return fresh within 15 minutes.  I described the positive effects this had on my work day while sharing a training run last weekend.  The response was perfect; I was being productive while counter productive.

Growing my skills in the process

This has been a great opportunity to increase my skills.  Not just development, but communication.  At my current job, I rarely interact with the client beyond a quick e-mail.  The conversation is usually between myself and my manager in development lingo.

On the support forums, determining the problem can be a bigger challenge than fixing it.  Not all users are able to understand the slew of acronyms and buzzwords used daily as a developer.  Breaking down the users’s problem in a way we can both understand has proven a challenge, but I this have given me a great deal of knowledge.

Others within the community

I cannot leave this post without giving credit to the others who provide free help.  In addition to @affordpassions, I have to give credit to @wpsitesdotnet.  In my limited time on the forums, I have consistently seen these individuals offering help and input to those in need.

If I missed anyone else, I apologize.

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Product developer at WPEngine and runner from Hampshire, Illinois. I work with php a lot; Spending most of my time digging into source code to see how it all works. You can find me on Twitter @rfmeier.

13 thoughts on “My new addiction with WordPress”

  1. I’m one of those who are very grateful for your new addiction, Ryan. I’m constantly indebted to kindly individuals such as yourself on the Genesis and the WordPress forums (as well as other places).

    I’d like to give back myself but I have often scanned unanswered threads on these forums but have been unable to help. I try to give back in other ways. 🙂

    Thank you, Ryan.

  2. Ryan, I know we talked about this on our run Saturday, but just wanted everyone to see how much I appreciate your efforts. It really takes a selfless person to take their own time to help others. What you do is obviously making a difference, one that a lot of folks will benefit from.

    Keep it up!

  3. Hi Ryan
    Just to echo what others have already said and to give a callout for some of the real forum workhorses.

    Susan, brad and the Cre8tiveDiva do a great job and now it’s good to see you added to their ranks.

  4. Ryan – I really appreciate this! I got hooked on the forums months ago, and have found it to be very addictive, as you are discovering! As long as I have free time, I jump into the forums and help out where I can. It’s great to see someone else join our merry band of regulars!


    Susan @affordpassions

  5. As a developer who does not (yet) use Genesis, I too appreciate what I see here. I have been surfing the forums lately to see what kind of support community exists before I pick up a pro pack myself. Must say that I’m impressed, and reassured that if I make the leap to Genesis it will be a safe move.


  6. I just build my first site using Genesis framework and I just want to thank you for providing useful information. I’ll be reading your posts and hope to learn more

  7. Hello Ryan, Just stop by to check out the site nice work. I can understand falling in love with WordPress and the Genesis framework. I’ve had a interest in it for years and just decided I needed to dive in and I’m sure glad I did.

    Hope to see you around and thanks again for your help. Have a wonderful weekend

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