How Vagrant Taught Me Linux

How Vagrant Taught Me Linux

Vagrant has been around for a few years.  If you develop open source web applications, there is good chance know of it or use it.  If you have yet to try it out, I highly recommend it as a great introduction into Linux.

What Is Vagrant?

Vagrant is a wrapper for VirtualBox or VMware to allow the creation of independent virtual machines.  These machines can be provisioned to automatically build a web stack environment.  This allows developers to share the same environment without using their own custom setup for a project.  What is the best thing about Vagrant?  If you screw up, you can always rebuild the machine with one command.

When I Found Vagrant

When I was first introduced to Vagrant a few years back, I was working strictly on Microsoft web applications.  Everything I used was managed through a graphical installer.  I had always wanted to learn linux and was always impressed with bash scripting.

I was lucky enough that Vagrant had worked on Windows which would allow me try it out.  I immediately became frustrated with the scary command line.  I walked away only to return a few days later.  I probably rebuilt my machine a few times a day, but I learned a great deal from my mistakes.

Here I Am Today

Right now I am typing this on my Linux desktop.  It is typical for me to have three or more terminal windows open during the day.  Where I used to feel inefficient with the command line, it has now become my comfort zone for development.  Linux may have a steep learning curve in the beginning, but tools like Vagrant can accelerate your progress.

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