What To Do With A New Laravel Project

During the process of learning Laravel, I taken up the habit of creating many test applications for new features and ideas. With each new Laravel install, I find myself having to take the time to set up the same thing in each application. This process is becoming tedious as I have to dig through the documentation every time. I decided to document this process to save me some time with each new Laravel install.

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Using In-Memory SQLite Database During Unit Tests In Laravel

I came across an issue when running unit tests in Laravel where my unit tests where altering my local SQLite database. I discovered the issue was due to the sharing of .env files. It turns out the solution is as simple as adding a single environment variable to your phpunit.xml file.

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Creating A User Role System In Laravel

As I continue learning Laravel, often I find the need to create basic features for my sample applications. A common feature is the ability to assign users to a role. While role management packages for this feature already exist, I decided to build one myself and use it as a learning experience.

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